Victor Garber Admits Marriage “Never Crossed My Mind” Before He Wed Rainer Andressen

The "Legends of Tomorrow" star is not a fan of talking about his sexuality.

Before he and boyfriend Rainer Andressen eloped last October, Victor Garber admits that tying the knot wasn’t exactly on his bucket list.

“It never crossed my mind,” the DC’a Legends of Tomorrow star told us at the TCA winter press tour.

Garber, who plays Professor Martin Stein on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, says he and Andressen got married “for practical reasons,” but he admits emotions ran high when the wedding ceremony was underway.

Rainer Andreesen victor garber

“Both of us got teary,” he recalled. “I just am still kind of blown away that we can [get married].”

In fact he’s still getting used to addressing Andressen as his husband.

<> at the Grand Ballroom at The Waldorf=Astoria on March 2, 2015 in New York City.

“I still say ‘partner’ because I’m just more comfortable with that word,” said the silver fox, 66. “But, you know, we are married.”

And while he and Andressen aren’t reclusive, he’s still not 100% comfortable talking about their relationship—or his sexuality.

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“When people want to talk about sexuality, I say ‘Why? What’s the difference?’ Would I ask anybody what their sexuality was if they were straight?” he challenged us.

“I’ll answer [you], but the question is ’why are you asking the question?'”

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