Victoria Beckham Will Never, Ever Sing Again, And This Makes Us Sad

Over. It! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Over. It! Photo Credit: Getty Images

We love us some Victoria Beckham. We love Victoria Beckham the designer, we love Victoria Beckham the fashion plate, but most of all, we love Victoria Beckham the Spice Girl. It is for this reason we are very, very sad to report that Mrs. David Beckham has said she is done with singing forever.


VB recently sat down with the German mag Icon to talk about her fashion line, and the incredible success she has had, and it is in this interview that she decided to give the bad news about her career as a chanteuse, saying: “I sing like all mothers with children, in the car. But professionally, I will never do it again.”

Now we kind of figured this was the case, especially with the way she avoids those former girl group pals of hers when out in public, but it still does sting to read.

We of course blame Gwyneth Paltrow for all of this, and giving Victoria a big head after her whole British designers rant in goop today.

Way to ruin everything Gwyneth.

h/t: Fashionista