Video: Are You Ready to “Prancercise”?

This is exercise you can prance to. Legwarmers ready.


A new sensation is prancing down the gayer portion of my Facebook feed, and it’s the best and least effective exercise video of all time. Get ready for “Prancercise.”

It is ridiculous and, frankly, mesmerizing.

Prance-master Joanna Rohrback takes you on a magical, pranceable journey to fitness, introducing you to “the prancercise gallop” and the “prancercise box” (a.k.a. “the shadowbox prance”). Clip on your ankle weights and earrings, because this is the perfect routine for the gay on the go, particularly if he’s super slow.

I take it comments are disabled on this video because there is simply nothing left to say.

Except, of course, “GODDESS!”