Video Clip:”Mike & Molly” Character Comes Out

Mike & Molly has an old school, blue collar sitcom vibe, but while the situation may be well worn, the cast is pretty stellar, with the amazing Melissa McCarthy, Swoosie Kurtz and Katie Mixon as Molly’s dimwitted sister Victoria being particular standouts.

Actor David Anthony Higgins plays Harry, a guy Mike & Molly met through Overeater’s Anonymous. He’s sweet, socially awkward and throughout Season 3 he’s had an apparent crush on Victoria. Their relationship took a major turn on last night’s episode “St. Patrick’s Day”. We’ve got a clip courtesy of CBS in case you missed it…

Any Mike & Molly fans out there? What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you see this development with Harry coming, and what are the odds he sticks around as a recurring character?