Video: James St. James Tears Up "The Arrangement" Premiere Party in L.A. Watch!!!

The cast and hosts of The Arrangement form a flowery centerpiece at their big premiere party in L.A. Bloomin’ fabulous!!!

The Arrangement — which premiered last night on Logo (it airs every Monday night at 11pm) — may just be the dirtiest show on TV. Now, there’s no full-frontal or hot sweaty intercourse happening (not that we’ve seen yet)… The show is a reality competition all about the dirty work of flower arranging and floral design. But given the salacious tendencies of its two fabulous hosts – novelist Gigi Levangie Grazer and world-renowned floral designer Eric Buterbaugh — fun sexy puns and shameless innuendo pervade just about every moment of the show.

It’s fun, flowery and it puts the horny into thorny. You’ll love it.

And you’ll probably enjoy this completely mad video from the show’s premiere event. World of Wonder’s legnedary James St. James hits the shindig and get juicy emissions from both Granger and Buterbaugh. And he’s designed arrangements for the Queen, Demi and Ashton and other fancy folks.

The show’s contestants dish it up with James, too. Eddie’s got an edge. Jenny’s fresh and fruity. Gloria is naughty. And there’s just some dirty, filthy people at this party talking crazy! You’ll live for it! And watch out: Much of the language in this piece is completely NSFW.

Plus, we get cameos from Calpernia Addams, TV producers urinating, Santino Rice, Jonny McGovern and other loopy children in this party clip. Plus, meet the new “Pinhead” from Hellraiser. What? Yes!!!!

If you missed the first episode of The Arrangement, watch the entire first episode at NOW! And after the jump? More party pics!

Head judge and host Eric Buterbaugh with hottie contestant Guillermo. Sizzle!!!!

Reality TV legends Santino Rice and Omarosa. She’s gonna pop up on The Arrangement later this season. Watch out!!!!

A blossoming bunch of the Arrangement’s ladies — Bonnie, Gloria, Tara and guest star Omarosa — with madman designer Eddie. Love it!

And finally, the hella hot hostess — Ms. Gigi Levangie Grazer. Get into her!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.