Video: Jane Lynch Croons For Separation of Church And State

Jane Lynch sings for your Constitutional rights, and the wardrobe is flawless. 


Even if you’re not a Glee fan, you must admit that Jane Lynch repeatedly, emphatically proves she’s awesome. Winning Emmys? Check. Delivering a killer commencement address at Smith College? Check. Being over thirteen feet tall? I seriously think that’s true. Check. She’s also talked about how obsessed she is with Eileen Brennan in Private Benjamin, and that’s hero-worthy too.

Now, watch as she croons with Jordan Peele (of the very underrated Comedy Central series Key & Peele) about the separation of church and state. The variety show glamor is unchained. Lynch and Peele are wielding microphones longer than anything Gene Rayburn ever handled, and I’m pleased to announce that the communion scene is the naughtiest bit of Catholic imagery since Bon Jovi’s “Living in Sin” video.