Video Lunch: Adam Barta – "I Wanna Hold You"

Am I supposed to believe you’re bisexual, Adam? Because I’m not buying it…

Well either way, Adam Barta’s dance/pop single, “I Wanna Hold You” is featured on NNN’s music video list, so enjoy it for today’s video lunch.

In his video, Adam enters a club and starts “flirting” with a girl and implies he’s going to take her home, singing lyrics such as “the night will lead us home” while pointing to his crotch.

Right…This poor girl must be so out of it – she’s clearly in a gay bar, and Adam prefers it when she grinds him from behind. I doubt Adam wants to “control you,” lady, no matter what he says.

Then a guy comes into the picture, (Adam’s flirting with him is much more believable.) and the three of them all leave together – to go have a threesome, I suppose. Or a…2.5-some.

Now that I’m done hating, check out more on Adam after the jump!


"’Cause he loves p****!"

So, Adam Barta arrived on the dance floor music scene in 2005 with his single, “Dirty Girls” (again with the girls thing, Adam…), and since then, producer Mike Guerriero and DJ/Remixer/Producer Mike Rizzo from New York radio signed on for “I Wanna Hold You.”

This is the Bronx-native’s latest single, and you can check out his performance schedule here.