VIDEO: Neon Hitch Talks About Her Unique Childhood

Last week, we played a few quick rounds of “F You Betta” with rising pop singer Neon Hitch. Today, we go into more depth about her unique childhood, and how it continues to influence her music.

Neon (her given name) was a traveling trapeze artist and street performer as a child. Her life on the road was even featured in a BBC documentary. This experience, combined with a brief stint in India and some other adventures, have all influenced her current style of performance which she dubs “tribal gypsy pop.”


Neon’s upcoming album, which will feature collaborations with Bruno Mars, Imogen Heap, and Mike Posner, is coming out this summer. Until then, Neon’s made a number of videos for her popular covers as well as recently wrapping a shoot for “F You Betta.” Hear what she has to say about those videos below.


And check out another one of Neon’s recent videos, “Ass Back Home” with Gym Class Heroes.