Video Recap: The Easy A-List, Episode 5! Drag, Drama, Skin & Fireworks! Boom!

Maybe it’s just me and my enjoyment of all things draggy. Or maybe I just love a good catfight around a swimming pool. Or maybe I just like seeing Derek really dig into playing the role of arch-diva more and more each week as The A-List: New York progresses, but this may have been my favorite episode so far!!!

I don’t even need to say much to elaborate. Just watch this week’s Easy A-List video recap!


And yes, I can’t even start about Reichen’s drag… Girl, I can’t! And do you think he and Rodiney might actually be getting along? And is this IT for Austin and Derek? And do you think the big swan raft is gonna file a workplace sexual harassment suit against Austin?

So many questions…

If you need to catch up, watch full episodes of The A-List: New York at After the a few choice photos from this week’s episode too. Happy 4th of July!

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Yay! Austin’s nudie modeling shots. This is so the new campaign for the iPad.

Awww, Austin looks kind of cute in this photo. Like really…

I do sort of love how Derek doesn’t do anything half-assed. Having a drag party? Then, OF COURSE, you get your lips done. But really… Seeing the little blood spots pop up on this freaked me out. Gaaaaaah!

And who just has a Marilyn Monroe dress just hanging around… I want!!!!

This is totally their Xmas card for this year…

So, wow. We learn that Reichen’s sister is a lesbian, but that her parents don’t know. Yet. Oh wait… Well done, Sis!!!

And seriously, I did like all of the Reichen/Rodiney sweetness this week. Can this marriage be saved?

They’re much hotter like this, than when they’re fighting and crying, don’tcha think?

I’m glad we get a Rodiney underwear photo shoot, or modeling “go-see” every week. These producers know what they’re selling, folks!!!

And yes, I’m buying…

And just another…

I know when I flashback to my fondest colonic memories, my face beams just like this too…

And as always, TJ sums up everyone’s reaction to the show perfectly. Umfffffff.

Like I said, get more A-List: New York–and full episodes— at Cheers!

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