Video: “Wheel of Fortune” Million Dollar Winner Deserves It

 Could you solve the million-dollar Wheel puzzle?

Autumn Erhard became the second person ever to win a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune using the show’s very complex, very labyrinthine path to a seven-figure jackpot. She had to spin a million dollar wedge on the wheel, collect the wedge by correctly guessing a letter, hold onto the wedge without spinning Bankrupt for the rest of the game, win the game, all before spinning another million-dollar wedge on a bonus wheel and solving the bonus round puzzle. Phew. Enjoy your million.

But the real reason Erhard won the prize is because the bonus round puzzle, to my eyes, is one the producers didn’t intend her to get. Had the show hit its prize budget that week? Because in the final puzzle, there are no Rs, Ss, Ns, Ls, Cs, Ds, Ms, As, or Es, yet Erhard deduced the rather awkwardly phrased answer without any great help. That’s worth money.

Here’s the clip from Thursday’s show. It’s all the glory of Vanna Speaks, Goddess of Love, and Vanna’s Choice Yarn rolled (crocheted) into one.