Vin Diesel Selling “Street Sharks” Toys At Toy Fair Is Honestly The Most ’90s Thing

Dad material here.

A decade before he became the king of the Fast and Furious franchise, a young Vin Diesel was going by his real name, Mark Sinclair, and paid his rent by hawking Street Sharks merchandise at a toy fair in New York City.

Dressed like he’s on his way to Hustlaball, Vin demonstrated ways to play with the badass muscled-up shark toys in a short video at the 1994 Toy Fair. He definitely had the body of a 27-year-old man, but his mind was that of a nine-year-old boy as he played with the action figures and explained each of their specialties.

“Say hello to that round mound of pound,” he says, cradling “Boomer” in his hands. “Very deadly! He loves to tenderize the competition before he eats it.”

Well gosh, if we had someone like Vin Diesel around when we were young we probably wouldn’t have played with Barbies so much.

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