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The “Modern Male” Wasn’t Scared To Show Some Skin In This 1950s Fashion Show

"Note how casually Alan slips off his sleeveless jacket to reveal the matching swimmers."

If you think the runway at New York Fashion Week is daring, check out this vintage newsreel of a men’s fashion show from the 1950s.

Showcasing “the latest in ultra-modern beachwear,” the black-and-white clip finds men sporting looks that would even turn a few heads today.

British Pathe

Designer Dale Cavana, who was known for catering to mostly gay clientele in the ’50s, talks about his risqué pieces in the clip, including leopard-print thongs and butt-revealing high-rise trunks.

“Leopard skin mane has been chosen for the beach shirt and its matching bikini, as an expression of masculine strength,” Cavana says.

Facebook/ ptownie via British Pathe

Also worthy of note is the fact that the models are practically on top of the audience, which includes a very confused wiener dog. Were fashion shows held in people’s living rooms in the ’50s?

Taken from the British Pathé newsreel archives, check out the vintage fashion show in all its glory below.



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