Virginia Lawmakers Flush Dangerous Bathroom Bill

HB 1612 would also have forced principals to tell parents if their children asked "to be recognized or treated as the opposite sex."

A proposed bathroom bill akin to North Carolina’s HB2 has been killed in the Virginia House of Delegates, the Washington Blade reports.

Earlier this month, Virginia state Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County) introduced HB 1612, which would ban trans people from using public restrooms that match their gender identity.

The measure was killed today by members of the Republican-controlled House General Laws Subcommittee. It would also have required principals to notify parents within 24 hours if their child asked to be “recognized or treated as the opposite sex, to use a name or pronoun inconsistent with the child’s sex, or to use a restroom or other facility designated for the opposite sex.”

Before the vote, Theodore Kahn of Richmond told the committee the bill “would make it illegal for me to use the bathroom.”
He told the Blade it felt “like a great weight has been lifted off of me.”

In a statement, Equality Virginia said it applauded the committee’s decision, “and recognizes decisions like these keep Virginia on the path of full equality, being a state that is safe, welcoming and equal place for gay and transgender individuals.”

Delegate Marshall reportedly told committee members he “prays they get courage” before he left chambers.

The measure was introduced the same week Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order banning LGBT discrimination by state offices and contractors.

“Virginia is home to the best state workforce in the country,” said McAuliffe. “This policy will ensure there is no question that all Virginians are to receive the full benefits of their citizenship, without regard to their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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