Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize; We Can’t Even With This

We can’t.  We can’t!  With this. Vladimir Putin has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  We literally clicked on this article three times to make sure we weren’t reading The Onion.  What the hell, you guys?!

As independent.co.uk notes:

Despite Russia’s role as the main supplier of weapons to Bashar al-Assad’s regime, an advocacy group has put the president’s name forward … [No mention was made] of Putin’s ruthless and violent campaign against the separatists in Chechnya or the war he waged on Georgia.

Forgotten from their list of atrocities was the systematic and institutional oppression of those who advocate “non-traditional sexual practices” AKA gay people.

The International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of Peoples, which sounds like a front for a shadowy and nefarious organization in a science fiction novel, is on the list of approved organizations to make Nobel nominations, and passed forward their letter of recommendation for Mr. Putin.  The letter read:

Being the leader of one of the leading nations of the world, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin makes efforts to maintain peace and tranquillity not only on the territory of his own country but also actively promotes settlement of all conflicts arising on the planet.

The deadline for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominations is in February. The winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on October 11.  Supposedly, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”

Here are some gifs to express our feelings on the matter:

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