Vogue Boy Has Dance Off With Drag Queen Tina Turner


Earlier this week, 15-year-old Brendan Jordan was caught on camera serving face for the gods in the background of a local news report. The video, quite deservedly, went viral. The Mother of the House of Puberty has arrived!

Now, Mr. Jordan is making a career out of his breakthrough moment, appearing on KTNV to walk the runway against¬†Divas Las Vegas’¬†Tina Turner queen. As the parameters for the dance-off are announced, watch as Brendan immediately arches his back and places his hand on his hip, ready for the battle of the century:

YAS! SERVE! TURN! WALK! WORK! And other enthusiastic cheers.

Seriously though, a million props to this kid for expressing himself, and in those silver leggings no less. He is truly a future American hero.

h/t: The Gaily Grind

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