Call Us Cedric Diggory Because This Voldemort Drag Queen Just Slayed Us

Deathly Hallows death drop!

How do you say “YAAAS” in Parseltongue?

At an Ariana Grande tribute night at the Oasis nightclub in San Francisco, drag queen Florida Man cast a spell over the audience dressed as Harry Potter’s nemesis, Voldemort, performing a lip sync to “Dangerous Woman.”

We always knew after the Battle of Hogwarts the Dark Lord would find his way to a gay club.

Not just any old lip sync, mind you. Aside from some fierce reveals, Voldy eventually breaks out his wand and performs some magic onstage before facing off against Harry Potter in a battle of the wands that ends with the two wizards in a hot make out sesssion!

Come through, slash fiction!

Florida Man’s performance has gone viral with more than a million views on Twitter, and for good reason! We have seen a lot of drag shows in our day, but call us Cedric Diggory because this one slayed us.

Climb aboard the Hogwarts Express and watch the spellbinding performance below.


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