Vote Now in TheBacklot’s Greatest Gay Movies Poll

It’s been over two years since we last asked our readers to vote for the Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies.  A lot has happened in that time culturally (DOMA repeal, gay marriage legal in 35 states and counting, etc.), and there have been some great recent movies to consider such as Dallas Buyers Club, Kill Your Darlings, Philomena and G.B.F. to name a few. How will these new additions fare in an updated 2014 list?

We figured it was time again to put our finger on the pulse – TheBacklot pulse – and conduct a new reader poll: tell us your favorite gay movies ever. In 2012, the last time we did this, the indie gem Shelter scored a surprise upset over Brokeback Mountain. Will Shelter maintain its spot at #1 or will Brokeback wrest it back? Or will some other entirely different film grab top honors?

We’ll be very interested to see how the rankings shake out and how they differ from past years. What studio films aren’t wearing well with age? What indie gems are finally finding fans via Netflix and DVD?

We’re asking you to identify up to 10 of your favorite gay movies. We’ll tally the results and in September publish the 2014 Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies as ranked by you, our readers. In addition, we’re ranking documentaries in a second, optional poll. You tell us the names of up to 5 gay documentaries you love, and we’ll tabulate that and publish a list of The Top 25 Gay Documentaries.

Now what makes a movie “gay?” You decide. One strategy is to nominate titles that you think should be required viewing for the LGBT community. (And yes, that might just include Magic Mike, Showgirls and/or The Women!)

Below, you’ll find ballot forms where you can enter your choices. Cast your votes by midnight Saturday, December 20th and we’ll tally and post results in early January.

(Use the comments section below to lobby for your favorites and to see who others are voting for. If you need further inspiration you can always check out the top 100 gay movies our readers selected in 2012 )


Nominate up to 10 Movies (Dramas, Comedies, Musicals, etc.)

Optional: Nominate up to 5 Documentaries (Theatrical or Televised)


Want to campaign for your favorite films? Tell us about them in the comments!