NOW: Critcs Are Not Loving ‘Wanderlust’

Jenny and Paul

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd play an uptight NYC couple who learn to loosen up as they are forced to spend time in a commune in the new film Wanderlust, released today. While previews for the film have looked relatively amusing, though somewhat redundant, critics are not feeling much love for the film. See what some of them had to say below.

“When it comes down to it, the filmmakers prefer penis jokes and, with Mr. Lo Truglio and Mr. Rudd’s help, they provide plenty. Ms. Aniston and the other women (including Michalea Watkins as a desperate housewife) try to keep up, but Bridesmaids notwithstanding, the women’s liberation movement in comedy has yet to arrive on the big screen.” – NYT

“So you think you’ve seen silly? And smarmy? And inept? Wait till you see Wanderlust, though that’s just a figure of speech; I’m not suggesting that you actually lay eyes on this naked grab for box office bucks. Naked grab is a figure of speech too. While David Wain’s comedy of hippie chaos makes nudity a selling point, and a recurrent tease, its co-star, Jennifer Aniston, bares her breasts off-screen. (They’re electronically blurred in a subsequent television news clip.) We are spared any searching studies of Paul Rudd’s anatomy; his repressed businessman is there purely for laughs, although many of his laugh lines misfire woefully.” – WSJ

“The Judd Apatow school of R-rated comedy, perhaps unavoidably, has begun to produce some “C” students. Reuniting director David Wain with “Role Models” star and frequent Apatow player Paul Rudd, Wanderlust draws from a hodgepodge of movies where a couple is forced or inspired to reexamine their lives through exposure to colorful eccentrics — in this case, a commune called Elysium. Despite some amusing moments, everyone simply works too hard at providing rambunctious zaniness, until one grows painfully aware the inevitable outtakes reel will be superior to the movie.” – Variety

“Trust falls? Rap sessions? Giggle weed? I don’t know what tools of the trade Paul Rudd and director David Wain share to dream up the kind of inspired nutso stuff Rudd has done in smart-funny-raunchy winners like Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models. But whatever it is, the two are in a groove — and backed up by some blissed-out creative co-conspirators — in Wanderlust.” – EW

“The movie puts together an unusual number of talented and skilled comic actors – not just the leads, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, but the co-stars – and places them in situations built to elicit humor. Occasionally the gags feel effortful or flat, but for the most part they’re funny, with a surprising percentage in the laugh-out-loud category.” – SF Chronicle