Want To See Sasha Roiz Shirtless On “Grimm?” Tell NBC!


It happens every day in Hollywood. You’re a writer who writes a scene for a television series that, due to time constraints, sadly gets cut. But a scene from this week’s episode of the NBC series Grimm has ended up on the cutting room floor and the writer has turned to social media to get the scene seen.

Don’t read more into this, however. This is not about the ego of the episode’s writer, Spiro Skentzos, but instead the scene in question was important because it fed into the heavy mythology of the series. The fact that the scene also happened to include one of the show’s sexiest stars sans shirt is just an added bonus.

The sexy star in the scene is Sasha Roiz, who many of you many remember as a gay mobster on the SyFy series Caprica, but in Grimm, the actor plays Captain Renard, a crooked lawmaker who also happens to look really great without a shirt.

Sasha Roiz in Caprica

Disappointed that the scene had been cut, Skentzos did what many of us might do in the modern age when something disappointing happens – he turned to Twitter and vented via tweet over the scene’s demise from his episode.

Voila! A campaign was born!

And what better way for Skentzos to engage fans of the show than to utilize the shirtlessness of the hunky Roiz by hashtagging the campagin #shirtlessrage? (The shirtless rage reference is from a scene earlier this season when Roiz’s character drank a strange concoction and viciously (and magnificently) ripped his shirt off in a rage.)

The goal of the campaign is essentially to get the attention of NBC so they’ll post the deleted scene on the Grimm page on NBC.com for all to see. So if you want to join in the campaign and see just how powerful social media can be, go to Twitter and tweet:

Hey @NBC! I want to see the @NBCGrimm deleted scene with @SashaRoiz on NBC.com! #shirtlessrage @spirographo

Or, if you don’t tweet, go to the Grimm Facebook page and post:

Hey NBC! I want to see the Grimm deleted Sasha Roiz scene on NBC.com! #shirtlessrage

We’ll keep you posted to see if the campaign worked or if Roiz’s impressive body is left laying on an editing room floor.

Grimm airs every Friday at 9/8c on NBC. You can follow Skentzos on Twitter @spirographo.