“Warehouse 13” Episode 305 Picture Recap: Gareth David Lloyd… No Jinx!

Gareth David Lloyd plays yet another character in an ill-fated workplace romance.
(He looks good in period garb though!)

Note: snicks normally covers Warehouse
for us, but he’s dealing with some health issues at the moment. We might
have just let this week’s recap slide, but Gareth David-Lloyd makes an appearance and we haven’t seen much of
this popular actor since he so distressingly bit it in Torchwood.

So here’s my short, sad stab at one of snicks’ picture recaps.
Please, fans of the show, could you augment this in the comments with your
observations about last night’s episode?

Prologue: A flatulent, barely glimpsed time traveling machine
leaves a trail of SBD’s across the past century.


Warehouse agents Myka and Steve are on the case, investigating the latest dutch oven attack.


They request an assist from the holographic projection of Helena G. Wells. (Don’t ask.)
She recalls a similar case back in 1893.


Flashback to her investigating a disintegrated body
(or possibly a spilled sack of flour)

with her smitten, Doctor Watson-ish sidekick Mr. Wolcott (Gareth David Lloyd)


The death-dealing fart horn is “Joshua’s Trumpet”

Trumpet got strapped to the tail of a rocket ship in 1893 and blasts off into space.

Only it falls back to earth in 1963, and the kid with the helmet grabs it.
Grows up to be a rocket scientist. (Duh! Helmet foreshadowing). He will misuse fart horn in present.


These pretty Mad Men extras get some screen time.


Mr. Wolcott fades into old timey photograph. Clearly, door is left open for subsequent appearances.
(There’s a lot of time-traveling and characters in suspended animation on this show!)


Helena G. Wells goes back into her Han Solo carbonite casing…
Probably stays there until sweeps.

What did you think of last night’s show? It was good to see Gareth David Lloyd, but I thought it was a little light on Eddie McClintock. And criminally devoid of Aaron Ashmore!