“Warehouse 13” Picture Recap: Alchemy and Old Lace


So here we have the penultimate episode of Season Four, and things look grim … for everyone.

Nick has freed Paracelsus, and gets him up to speed with what’s been happening in the world the last few centuries (thankfully, I think the mind-meld artifact stopped before Keeping Up With The Kardashians). Unfortunately, once an evil Alchemist obsessed with immortality, always an evil Alchemist obsessed with immortality, and he forces Nick to bronze Claudia, and then takes the bronzing artifact so she can’t be reverted.

He didn’t do it just to be a prick, though. After the team gets back to the Warehouse, they discover his ransom note. If they want the artifact back, they have to contact Sutton, who we all knew would be back eventually.

While Steve and Artie try to help Claudia, Pete and Myka track down Sutton, with help from Charlotte. We get the backstory – Paracelsus needed a man, woman, and child to test out his immortality Matzah Ball, and who better than his own family – Sutton is his brother!

Charlotte and Nick freed him because he’s the only one who can make them mortal again, and after they track him down, he grants their request, and then promptly shoots Charlotte. As she lay dying, Pete and Myka find the bronze artifact, but lose Paracelsus in the confusion.

Back at the Warehouse, Bronzed Claudia is slowly starting to crumble away (her bronzing took place outside of the Bronzer, and is contaminated), and Steve tries to reassure her while Artie works on a solution. Artie discovers that DNA from a family member will help slow the disintegration. A family member like … Josh!

Sadly, Artie doesn’t send Steve to track Claudia’s brother down (damn!). Artie can’t even get hold of Josh himself, but eventually does find the DNA he needs, and is able to inject Claudia, which holds off the crumbling until Myka and Pete return with the Bronzing Artifact.

With Claudia restored to normal, they can now take on a more pressing issue.

Something is terribly wrong with Mrs. Frederic.

She’s been doddering around the Warehouse, confused and disoriented. Most alarmingly, she’s walking away from conversations instead of doing the creepy caretaker disappearing act. When she tries to access the restricted files for information about Paracelsus, she finds that they’ve been redacted by order of the Regents.

Regent Kosan pays a visit, and informs her that the Regent poobahs have decided that Paracelsus poses such a danger, they will recover what has been permanently expunged from the Warehouse files. To do that, they need the services of The Keeper, “The one person in every generation. who learns vital parts of Warehouse history and maintains them in a living memory.” The Keeper is the failsafe for highly classified secrets. And guess who The Keeper is?

Yes, Abigail is The Keeper, and she uses an artifact (I wasn’t listening closely, but I think it belonged to Disney’s Lilo) to uncover the secret of Warehouse 9. And it’s a doozy. The reason why Mrs. Frederic has been so disoriented is because she’s in a battle for control of the Warehouse with a previous Caretaker … specifically, the Caretaker of Warehouse 9 … Paracelsus!

And she’s losing the battle.

So …this sets up a war in next week’s Season Finale for control of the Warehouse. Will the team be able to overcome Paracelsus and save Mrs. Frederic? Will Claudia have to take over Caretaker duties earlier than she thought? Will Myka seek treatment for her cancer? Will Steve meet Josh? And will Pete ever get to enjoy his 3 AM sandwich again?

Below you can see some highlights from this week’s episode.

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