“Warehouse 13” Picture Recap: Sh*T Ended Badly


This was the episode of Warehouse 13 that we’ve waiting for all season, and Charlie Weber was just as hot and adorable as expected. He plays Steve’s ex Liam, and it’s gradually revealed that they broke up because Steve’s lie detector power (and its awkward ramifications) drove a wedge between them. Oh, and because Steve liked to drink tea that smells like cat pee. But mostly it was because Liam always felt on guard, and Steve hated the little white lies.

This week’s artifact was a lava-making-bottle-thing that was used in a prison escape, but we’re really here to focus on the Steve and Liam scenes. Aaron Ashmore and Charlie Weber have great chemistry, and while it’s unlikely we’ll see Liam again, at least we got a little more backstory for Steve.

Unfortunately, with the show winding down Season Four, and only six episodes to be filmed for Season Five, I doubt we’ll see any further romantic developments for Steve.

Unless Claudia’s you-know-who shows up.

Here are the highlights of this week’s episode.

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