“Warehouse13” Picture Recap: The Truth Hurts


They need another Astrolabe.

After the carnage that went down in the Fourth Season Finale, Artie needs to bite the bullet and reverse time again. If it means another beloved character has to die, then so be it. How about … Abigail. Oh wait, she’s not beloved. Well, it certainly can’t be Jane or Dr. Vanessa. And Josh still needs a chance to hook up with Steve. Oh hell, just reanimate Leena and off her again. She seems happier as a ghost anyway.

Paracelsus is on the loose, and Artie tells the team he has to be caught immediately or Mrs. Fredric will lose her control over the Warehouse. Luckily Claudia hasn’t sustained any residual effects from her bronzing, and asks Artie if he had any trouble getting a DNA sample from Josh (because only a … living relative … could survive the sample needed). Artie starts to lie and say how squeamish Josh was … but then remembers he’s in the presence of The Human lie Detector, and catches himself. But it’s too late, as Steve knows something is up.

They trace Paracelsus to a series of San Francisco hospitals, where’s he’s been using the Magic Matzah to … cure cancer patients? Oh wait, he’s actually been surreptitiously draining whatever life force they have left, and when he uses the stone to give himself immortality, all of the patients he pretended to cure die. This guy is hardcore evil.

Thankfully Pete manages to capture him before he can escape, and he’s brought back to the Warehouse to be bronzed. In one of those “Who Knew?” moments, the bronzing fails, thanks to Paracelsus ingesting an “anti-bronzing” pill (which is a little too “Batman Utility Belt” for me), and instead, it’s decided he should be imprisoned in the Suspension Chamber until the Regents arrive and cart him away.

This is where Pete achieves his full potential as a good-hearted lunkhead. While Paracelsus is awaiting extradition, he manages to convince Pete that Myka (who is in the hospital receiving treatment) is dying (which may be true), but he can save her. Pete … Oh Pete … is thoroughly duped by Paracelsus. But let’s be honest. Paramecium could thoroughly dupe Pete.

The evil alchemist walks Pete through the steps necessary to free him from the Suspension Chamber, at which time he fights for control over the Warehouse. Mrs. Frederic is too weakened to fight, so the decision is made to sever her link to the Warehouse, saving her life, but now giving total control to former Caretaker Paracelsus.

While all this is happening, Artie decides to tell Claudia the truth. He didn’t get the DNA sample from Josh, he got it from Claudia’s sister Claire, who she thought had died years ago along with their parents.

Artie tries to remain cryptic, but after some harsh staredowns, he admits that he knew Claire was alive … before he even met Claudia, but he never told her because Claire is “an incredibly dangerous woman.”

Fortunately for Artie, Claudia doesn’t have time to beat his ass … since the Warehouse starts falling apart around them. Paracelsus has decided to expel all of his enemies, and the team has to make a mad dash to one of the secret exits to escape.

But at the last moment, Claudia decides to stay. She has to fight Paracelsus for control, and is convinced that the Warehouse will protect her. Mrs. Frederic agrees, and she and the rest of the team (including a tearful Steve) exit, and vow to do what they can from the outside. As the force field comes down over the Warehouse, the Team wonder what their next step will be, as Claudia prepares for the fight of her life.

So that’s a wrap for this season. When the show comes back for its final six episodes, there will be a lot of questions to answer. Will Myka live? Will Claudia gain control? Will Mrs. Frederic ever be Caretaker again? Will Pete admit that he was a well-meaning blockhead?

Will Josh meet Steve?

What do you hope to see in the final season?

Below you can see some highlights from the Season Finale!

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