Was Ashton Kutcher a Good Steve Jobs?


Dude, where’s my iPad?

Ashton Kutcher’s acting chops weren’t exactly evident in his breakout role of Kelso on That 70’s Show.

Nor were they on display when he played basically the exact same character sans his ride in Dude Where’s My Car? alongside master thespian in a world where all Shakespeare plays take place in frat houses in the early 2000s, Sean William Scott.

Kutcher is usually the dolt, the silly guy, the hot idiot.

But in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, he’s none of those things. He’s Steve Jobs: trailblazing, Buddhist, genius, innoventioneer.

To pull that off, Kutcher has to…act!

Until recently, we’d only seen pictures of Kutcher as Jobs and the resemblance, which was already sorta there, was pretty remarkable. But those are just pictures.

Now, the snoots over at Sundance have seen the film and their verdict is in.

And Kelso did us proud! Apparently.

Though reviews were kinda mixed when it came to the movie itself (it sounds like it might be a little boring…), audiences thus far seem to think Ashton Kutcher makes a pretty solid Steve Jobs.

Not too much footage has been released for our plebe consumption, but a little has!

So, please use the video below to judge for yourself.