Watch! A Fancy Interview with Joan Collins about her New Show "One Night With Joan"

Proper Citation For This Photo: [Collins, Joan and Will Pulos. “Keeping it Classy in Showbiz”’ 2010: New York, NY]

Living Legend Joan Collins and I sat down for a little chat the other day about her new show that opened at Feinstein’s Tuesday night, “One Night With Joan.” One Night!!┬áThe show, which plays through November 27th, would be the perfect thing to take either a date or your caustic, wealthy in-laws to. Joan dishes on all the stories and secrets of her years in showbiz, and she does it with a little bit of glamour and a whole lot of class. (Spoiler Alert: Bette Davis once kicked her across a stage.)

This is right after she slapped me and right before we took it outside

Knowing I had to bump it up a bit in the class department myself, I ditched my usual Outlet Store Khakis and just put on the ritz for our short time together. Though I felt like a hooker on a cruise ship, I’m pretty sure I fooled her. Luckily, Joan was able to give me some of her beauty secrets, let me know what actors she thinks carry themselves well today, and tell me why she really likes having gay fans.

Do be a dear and watch if for yourself, darling, I truly think you’ll enjoy it. (How am I doing?)