Watch and Discuss: Matthew Fox and Jimmy Kimmel’s “staring contest”

Above you can see a comedy bit from The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night featuring Jimmy and guest Matthew Fox.

The clip involves the two of them in an extended “staring contest”, in which they remain oblivious to everything around them while staring each other down.

So far, so good. It goes on a bit too long, but it’s a perfectly serviceable late-night comedy bit. It ends with the two of them in the shower, which brings up a few urgent questions; Was it necessary to throw in a “drop-the-soap” scene? Is this “drop-the-soap” scene offensive, or is it possible that not all “drop-the-soap” scenes are created equal? Why the hell is Matthew Fox shaving his body? Is it wrong that I find Jimmy in the shower … hot?

Your thoughts?

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