Watch and Discuss: The “Sean Saves The World” Preview

Sean Hayes returns to TV this fall with the NBC sitcom Sean Saves The World. Here’s the description:

Sean is a divorced gay dad who juggles a lot — his successful but demanding career, offbeat employees, pushy mom Lorna (Linda Lavin) and weekends with his teenage daughter, Ellie (Sami Isler). So when his 14-year-old bundle of joy moves in full-time, it’s a whole new world. Never one to do anything halfway, Sean’s intent on being the best dad ever, so he loads up on parenting how-to books and plans Pinterest-worthy family dinners. But it seems his company’s new owner has decided Sean and his team should work longer hours, putting a damper on his homemaking plans and throwing a kink in Sean’s perfectly constructed work/life balance. Ellie, a normal girl who wants to hang with her friends and eat on the run, sees this development as a plus. She loves her dad, but he’s clearly going overboard. From keeping his boss happy, his employees motivated and enduring his mother’s tactless “advice” to raising a smart, grounded and healthy kid, it’s going to be a growing experience, to say the least. But if anyone can handle it all, it’s Sean.

A preview clip has just been released, which shows the humor is very Will & Grace-esque (even the set design is oddly reminiscent of that groundbreaking sitcom), and with a few tweaks, Sean could be playing Jack MacFarland, 10 years later.

What are your first thoughts?

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