Watch and Enjoy: Aiden James, Songster, Coffee Lover, Rule Breaker

Such a sexy couple.

Contrary to popular opinion (in our heads), we’re not all-knowing around here. So when we got a tweet from Aiden James yesterday, we were a little stunned to have missed out on this sexy out musician. Why didn’t one of you tell us?

From his website we get a basic bio that doesn’t begin to tell the story:

With humble upbringings in a struggling
working class family, becoming something other than
ordinary was not celebrated or encouraged.  Aiden refused to accept
that and fled to Philadelphia where he embraced urban life, not to
mention the local music scene. Currently living in downtown Philadelphia,
this talented, twenty something is making great strides for a self
taught musician.

No, the story is in the music, which is an infectious folk-pop, and in the video, which takes the old school path of storytelling. Every home has a history, a story of those who came before, and as this couple views a fashionable home, she sees the handsome, playful love that still haunts the place. And seeing that love makes her happy, just like it does me. Watch:

Aiden recently premiered the video on Logo’s NewNowNext Poplab, but didn’t have Logo at home in Philadelphia, so he and his friends went to a local gay bar to watch. Did I mention the premiere was during that awful February snowstorm? They were kind enough to video the experience for us.

I’ve spent the last day digging around to find out what makes this sexy out musician tick. He’s performed with American Idol’s Elliot Yamin, he does a delightful impression of Surprise Kitty.  He loves touring and Cliff Bars. He’s performing at Minneapolis Pride this year. As of September, he was single. And this month he’s touring the west coast with Christopher Dallman on the Double Trouble Tour. Beyond that, color me curious.

And he’s on repeat on my iPhone at the moment.

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