Watch Armie Hammer Get His Chest Waxed As Part Of His Oscars Prep

Actually, the CMBYN star was getting a "fascia scraping." Which sounds even more painful.

Hollywood stars like Armie Hammer are already winning the genetic lottery, but even they need a fair amount of prep work for awards season. On Instagram, Hammer shared some of his pre-ceremony ritual.

He got his hair did.

Let the primping continue… #leajourno

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Got his skin all shiny and new.

They tell me this will give me super powers…

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And even got his furry chest deforested.

Pain is beauty…. #freethenipple #fasciascraping #spasophia

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Well, actually, he was getting his fascia scraped. Apparently, the connective tissue around your muscles and organs can get tense and ache, and a fascia scraping can go deeper than hands or a foam roller to unknot those muscles. The only downside is, it can hurt like a son of a bitch.

Alas, all that pampering didn’t prevent Armie from coming down with a bug that forced him to miss the Independent Spirit Awards.

Though his costar Timothee Chalamet brought him—digitally—to the ceremony, where the 22-year-old actor won Best Male Lead.

Hammer made a swift recovery in time for the Academy Awards. (Wouldn’t you?)

It’s go time… #oscars2018 #callmebyyourname

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We’re still curious why you’d need to manscape if you’re wearing a suit, but we don’t know what goes on at those Oscar after-parties.

“This looks painful AF,” wrote Insecure star Jay Ellis in the Instagram comments. “…Who is seeing your chest at the Oscars?”

The actor replied coyly, “Depends how well I play my cards…”

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