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Watch Bryan Cranston Perform The Wire Hanger Scene From “Mommie Dearest”

"And what do I get? A daughter who cares as much about the beautiful dresses I buy her as she does me."

Bryan Cranston gives Faye Dunaway a run for her money with his interpretation of Mommie Dearest’s infamous wire-hanger scene.

the Breaking Bad star’s portrayal is part of W magazine’s “Casting Call” series, which sees famous actors “auditioning” for roles in iconic films.

Is Cranston playing Faye Dunaway playing Joan Crawford—or is he giving the role his own twist? One thing’s for sure, if Bryan Cranston buys you beautiful dresses, do NOT put them on wire hangers.

Below, the cast of Logo’s Cocktails and Classics chat about why we love Mommie Dearest so much.

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