Watch Channing Tatum Do Drag, Dance, And Be Adorable, In Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma” Music Video

The rocker and the actor are "Fred and Ginger Hart" in this 1950s spoof.

Channing Tatum is the surprise guest star in Pink’s new music video for “Beautiful Trauma.” The delightfully camp clip sees Tatum dancing and doing drag.

As “Fred and Ginger Hart” go about their day it’s clear that, despite all the dancing, they’re unhappy: Fred looks bored, while Ginger struggles to be the perfect housewife.

But then, while putting the laundry away, Ginger opens the bedroom closet to discover Tatum inside wearing her clothing. She’s delighted, though, and the couple engages in some good old-fashioned gender-swapping.

There’s even a little kink play as Ginger and another woman hog-tie Fred on the couch and menace him with latex and riding crops.

In the end, Tatum and Pink return to their twin beds a much happier couple after having ditched their prescribed gender roles

Beautiful Trauma is out now.

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