Watch Christina Aguilera Sing With Whitney Houston’s Hologram On The “Voice” Finale

A modern miracle or technology gone mad?

Footage leaked from next week’s finale of The Voice has brought us one of the oddest musical spectacles we’ve seen in years (and we saw Eminem perform with Elton John.): Christina Aguilera singing with a hologram of Whitney Houston.

The video opens on The Voice judge singing Houston’s classic “I Have Nothing.” It’s a typical Xtina performance—full of soulful runs and powerful belts—until she surprisingly announces “Ladies and gentlemen, Whitney Houston.”

Out of nowhere, a hologram appears at the back of the stage. From far away, the construction is pretty lifelike, but as the camera closes in, it’s apparent this ain’t Whitney.


Aguilera moves to the rear and joins Whitney 2.0, wrapping up the song in a kind-of-sort-of duet before launching into “I’m Every Woman.”

According to TMZ, the performance “was supposed to be a surprise for Monday’s season finale of the The Voice…It’s unclear who got the footage or how it ended up on a Facebook page…but it’s already been taken down.”

The performance has been nixed from Monday’s finale. “We were looking to deliver a ground breaking duet performance for the fans of both artists” Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister and the executor of her estate, told ET, but the technology on view was not up to par.

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