Watch: Dan Savage Explains The Fun And Foibles Of A “Monogamish” Relationship


To be broad: I love stuff like this. I love active dialogue about the specificity of gay relationships. Sometimes it feels like we’re trying so hard to prove our humanity and equality on a federal level (understandably) that conversations about the inner-workings of gay relationships become backburner topics. Thankfully we have folks like Dan Savage to spell it out gracefully.

In this video, Savage (whose hot husband Terry Miller is a friend to swimwear) explains the perks and problems with having a “monogamish” relationship, one where you’re committed to your partner but you still fool around with other dudes. Always nice just to watch Savage sit and talk. Vocab lesson: “Monogamish” has to do with gay sexual relationships; “Mogambo-ish” has to do with gay appreciation of Ava Gardner/Grace Kelly movies. Don’t get it twisted.