Watch Diane Keaton Freak The Eff Out When Her Crush Justin Bieber Surprises Her

48 year age gap be damned!

Diane Keaton makes no bones about admitting her love for Justin Bieber.

The iconic 69-year-old babe stopped by her pal Ellen Degeneres’ talk show (in a purple leather jacket, arm warmers and leather boots, no less) where she began the conversation admitting that she felt “a little insane” today.

Not to worry, Ellen had some wine on ice (Keaton’s drink of choice) on hand to calm her.

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Asked if she was excited that it was Bieber week on the show, Keaton responded straightaway, her voice deepening: “Oh yeah… I like that boy.”

“He’s a man now,” Ellen corrected her, telling Keaton that the Biebs is now 21. “Even better,” Keaton responded with that burning fire in her eyes.


When a shirtless picture was displayed behind them, Keaton couldn’t help but let out a scream of ecstasy, clutching her chair for safety. “That is not possible! That is gorgeous. Wow. Okay. Now we’re talking.”

Knowing she was a fan, Ellen prepared her a turtleneck with Justin’s face sprawled out across the front.

That’s when Bieber silently emerged from backstage to surprise his woman. Cue the screams of ecstasy as Keaton shot out of her chair, yelling “Oh no! Oh no!” (Translation: “Oh yes! Oh yes!”).

You have got to watch this clip to appreciate its sincere perfection.