John Grant’s Video For “Glacier” Is A Timeline Of 100 Years Of LGBT History

There are layers of devastating appeal to the new video for gay singer-songwriter John Grant’s song “Glacier.”

First, his voice will stun you. It sounds like Beck performing Sea Change from under thirty oceans.

Second, the song itself is eerie but direct, with plenty of lyrics about hypocrisy and anger that seethe with crude (as in NSFW) resentment.

And then there’s the video itself, which is filled with gay icons and imagery from the past century: There’s footage of gay soldiers, homophobic news bulletins, and the “sissy” characters who proliferated on the big and small screen.

LGBT history

Grant has never shied away from being fearless in his music: He sings about being HIV-positive on the track “Ernest Borgnine” from his very acclaimed album Pale Green Ghosts.

Call me Ethel Merman, because I want to marry this man impulsively.