Watch Gus Kenworthy Get A Haircut, Reveal If He’s Cut Or Uncut

"It's so thick... it kind of does whatever it wants," says Gus—about his curly locks.

YouTuber/stylist Kyle Krieger gets to hang out with all the hot gay guys—from his flirtation with Max Emerson for the Hooked Project to this episode of “unCUT” out skier with Gus Kenworthy.

This isn’t the first time Kyle’s cut Gus’ hair—he styled him for his ESPN Magazine cover story when he became the first action-sports star to come out publicly.



While Kyle cleans up Gus”do (and gets in some all important product placement) they chat about things like Gus’ favorite Olympic moment—the 2014 medal ceremony when the three American flags were hoisted behind the podium.

Gus Kenworthy Olympic Medal

Gus has a word for young LGBT athletes—something that may be tough to hear.

“People that can’t accept it and don’t embrace it are people you don’t want in your life anyway,” he explains. “It’s kind of a hard fact to learn, but I think you’ll be blown away by the number of people who do support you, and I really feel like you don’t need the ones that don’t.”

Gus Kenworthy Kyle Krieger

Klye and Gus also played a game of “word association” that revealed Gus was born in the UK, is uncircumsized, and may have a crush on Anderson Cooper.

Well, who doesn’t?

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