Watch ‘Happy Endings’ Tonight (Please!), And New Preview Clips Now

We truly believe these characters are our friends.

We truly believe these characters are our friends.

Happy Endings returns tonight after a long, long two-month hiatus, and it is now up to us to save this show. And seriously guys, we need to save this show.

After what happened to Enlightened and Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 , and with 30 Rock off the air, we may all be forced to watch CBS comedies next year. And  that is not a world anyone really wants to live in, right?

So, to get us all in the mood, Vulture has two new previews from tonight’s two new episodes, and y’all need to go here now and watch them. How else will you learn what Alex’s favorite time of day is (Spoiler Alert: There is a four way tie for first)!

Then turn on ABC at 8/7 c tonight, even if you are not home, or DVR or record or do anything so this show is not taken off the air.

We cannot go on without Max in our life, as we have explained many, many times before.

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