Watch: I Suffer From Facial Wasting Due to HIV

BuzzFeed Video follows Keith as he is treated for the facial wasting he suffers due to HIV and early medications used to treat it.

Changes in body fat composition was a constant struggle for people living with HIV in the early years of the modern era of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. Lipodystrophy, which refers to an abnormal distribution of fat in the body, replaced wasting and Kaposi sarcoma lesions as the most visible physical mark of HIV.

Fortunately, the issue is less common in people living with HIV today thanks to advances in ARV treatment, but because some changes in fat distribution can more or less permanent, they typically persist in those who have already developed them.

In a recent video, BuzzFeed followed a HIV survivor Keith as he visited Being Alive to treat the facial lipoatrophy, or facial wasting, he suffers due to HIV and early medications that were used to treat it.

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