Watch! Is This The Greatest Adam Lambert Interview Ever?

Adam Lambert is on a whirlwind tour promoting the release of his third album The Original High, which is out … TODAY! (Check out our 3.5 out of 4 review here), and last week he stopped by the … unique … British talk show Chatty Man to be delicately grilled in his own juices by Alan Carr, for whom the word “irrepressible” was created. Also … “gay”

Adam and Alan are hilarious together, riffing on sleeping with a woman (Is it like a venus flytrap?), coming out in America vs. England (“I got a grant and a chat show”), Brian May’s … frizzy hair … and through it all, Adam is completely relaxed and at ease. It’s the most fun I’ve seen him have during an interview. Take a look!

(Big H/T to Darrien for the heads up!)

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