Watch! “It Gets Better”: Columbus Children’s Choir and the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus

We know the start of a new week can be a hard thing, especially since there will probably be some homophobic BS coming our way this week whether it is homophobes in Colorado stopping civil unions or Maggie Gallagher’s existence.

But if you get too down and start to despair that sometimes it seems like we aren’t getting where we want to be fast enough, I suggest you check out this recent performance by the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus in conjunction with Columbus Children’s Choir performing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” The performance was the group’s contribution to the The Trevor Project’s “It Gets Better” campaign and is remarkable because it’s not so long ago that the idea of a gay men’s chorus performing with a children’s chorus would’ve been unthinkable. Honestly, I can’t imagine how the American Family Association’s heads didn’t explode over this!

And not to slight Columbus in any way, but Ohio is not California so that only makes this joint performance that much more significant.  Enjoy!