Watch: Jennifer Lopez Reflects On Her Lesbian Aunt’s Influence

Lopez, who produces the new ABC Family series The Fosters, discusses how having a lesbian aunt influenced her decision to take part in the show.


If I’ve learned anything from Jennifer Lopez’s 2002 anthem “Jenny from the Block,” it’s that she’s “down to Earth like this.” For being an enormous star, she’s always been pretty straightforward and unpretentious, I’d say. And now, in this new interview, Lopez discusses the influence her late lesbian aunt has had on her life.

Lopez serves as executive producer on the new ABC Family series The Fosters, about a “multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms.” The show premieres in June, but the series’ first trailer has a 7th Heaven vibe that dovetails nicely with ABC Family’s gently dramatic programming. Don’t forget that Pretty Little Liars has an out lesbian couple on it too.

Scroll ahead to 2:00 to hear about Lopez’s aunt. And tell me if there’s something about all of this interviewer’s questions that feel cringe-worthy. My body is slightly contorted in pain, is all I’m saying.