Watch: Kate McKinnon is Ellen on “Ellen”

The “SNL” star takes on Ellen in front of Ellen.

It’s finally here. Kate McKinnon is Ellen onĀ Ellen with Ellen at her Ellen best.

The out SNL star donned Ellen’s signature sweater, collared shirt, and tennis shoes for a doppelganger dance-off. Important observations:

1) I love Kate McKinnon. Look at her as she receives the Ellen outfit. I laughed hard when she bleated, “I will treasure this forever.”

2) You could easily mistake Kate for Anna Chlumsky.

3) God, I love this.

4) What I really love about this is that Ellen sooort of strikes me as somebody who actually takes herself very seriously (and with good reason, admittedly). For Kate to get right up in her face and mumble and jam and squirm is pretty awesome. Also: Kate McKinnon. I love her even more than I did back at tenet #1.