Watch Kate Winslet Recreate THAT Iconic “Titanic” Moment With Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Season 2

Last night on NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Bear’s celebrity guest, Kate Winslet, joined him in the Snowdonia Mountains of Wales for some good ole fashioned hiking, cliff repelling and an unexpected throwback to 1997.

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Though it’s no surprise the Oscar-winner would be down for wilin’ out in mother nature, she provided us with perhaps the greatest TV moment of the summer.


While Ms. Winslet descended an almost 90-degree angle down the side of a cliff (horizontal and facing forward, mind you), Bear, holding the harnesses below, instructed her to take both hands off and spread her arms outward.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Season 2

“What am I supposed to do?!” Winslet yelled, staring down at possible doom.

“Throw ’em out to the side! I’ve got you!” Bear called out in response.

Slowly, Winlset extended her arms out… in a familiar way.


“Jack! I feel like I’m flying!” Kate yelled out into the horizon.


“Kate…do you trust me?” Bear asked.

“YOU JUMP, I JUMP… RIGHT?!” she answered.

After sharing a laugh, Winslet then yelled, “All right, now get me down this f*cking thing.”

Forgive us, we have passed away. Writing this from the afterlife. It’s that great.

Can this entire scenario be turned into a movie?

Kate Winslet stars as a high powered executive in London, who, following a sudden separation from her husband, decides to take a solo adventure in the Snowdonia Mountains of Wales. She clashes with her wisecracking, hunky Scottish hiking guide (Garrett Hedlund), and over time, their tension turns into romance.

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Make it happen, Harvey Weinstein.

Watch the incredible clip below.