Watch: Lady Gaga Destroys “King Of Pain” With Sting


I was just ranting to Snicks about this, but I don’t understand having a favorite Police song other┬áthan “King of Pain.” It’s rollicking, the lyrics work, Alanis Morissette covered it once, and it has nothing to do with namedropping Nabokov. I suppose “Can’t Stand Losing You” works too, because creepy pop songs about suicide are the best. (Snicks prefers “Synchronicity II,” “Spirits in the Material World,” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” for the record. Weirdo.)

Anyway, a concert duet of “King of Pain” has surfaced featuring Sting and Lady Gaga, and it’s the best version of the song you’ll ever hear. Ms. Germanotta is sporting teal streaks and some Stevie Nicks┬ádrapery, and Sting is (of course) wearing Underarmour, basically. Excellent performance.