WATCH LIST: Deliciously Weird “The Favourite,” Gay Rom-Coms “Anchor and Hope” and “The Rainbow Bridge” on DVD

Plus a pair of queer web series, “Dinette” and “Thank You Come Again.”

In Theaters

The Favourite

Set in 18th century England, this outrageously subversive, Sapphic comedy sees Duchess of Marlborough Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), and her servant Abigail Hill (Emma Stone) scheme, backstab and plot while competing for the favor of an ailing Queen Anne (Olivia Colman). Nicholas Hoult camps and flounces in a delicious supporting role. (November 23, Fox Searchlight)

DVD/Blu-Ray/Video on Demand

Cola de Mono

Set in the 1980s with more than a bit of Spielberg meets Tom of Finland influence, this sexy Chilean feature sees a pair of teenage brothers let their inner queer loose—with help from short shorts, jockstraps, and other revealing underwear—during a steamy, boozy Christmas holiday. (DVD, TLA Releasing)

Anchor and Hope

Bohemian lesbian couple Eva (Game of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin) and Kat (Natalia Tena) live on a riverboat on a London canal and have differing opinions about becoming mothers and the changes that would bring. When Kat’s friend Roger (David Vergaguer) arrives, with a willingness to donate his sperm, decisions must be made. (DVD, Wolfe)

The Rainbow Bridge Motel

Gay couple Dean (Chris Modrzynski) and Darren (Cole Burden) arrive in Niagara Falls expecting a dream wedding at a fabulous gay destination, but instead find a low-end motel, chemical plants, and chaos aplenty in this romcom. (DVD, Gravitas Ventures)


Inspired by a true story, this creepy Austrian drama involves the murder and subsequent butchering of a young woman and two 20-something male suspects, one of whom could be queer. (DVD, Indiepix)

Sharp Objects

Out Quebecois filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club) directed writer/producer Marti Noxon’s eight-episode HBO adaptation of Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn’s murder mystery about a St. Louis newspaper reporter (Amy Adams) who returns to her small town home and mother (Patricia Clarkson) when a little girl goes missing there. (DVD, HBO)


Thank You Come Again

In this spunky, sex-positive web series, an anthropology grad student, Riley (Carolyn Jania), joins the queer, eclectic staff—including a transgender artist, a drag queen, and a sassy older gay man—at famed Los Angeles sex toy store The Pleasure Chest. (YouTube)


Writer/director Shaina Feinberg’s six-episode web series is like a queered-up, loose reimagining of Barry Levinson’s 1982 classic, Diner, about a group of female and non-binary friends who frequent a Brooklyn diner. (BricTV on YouTube)

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