WATCH LIST: “Ocean’s 8,” “Westwood” in Theaters, “Alex Strangelove,” “Sense8” Finale on Netflix

Plus second seasons of "Claws" and "The Bold Type" on TV.

In Theaters


Dame Vivienne Westwood, the 77-year-old British fashion designer and international couture icon who got her start in London’s punk rock scene, gets the documentary treatment. (Dogwoof)

Ocean’s 8

The fun-filled George Clooney-led heist franchise gets a female reboot with Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, sister to previous films’ Danny Ocean. Fresh out of jail, she assembles a team—played by Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina—to steal Anne Hathaway’s Cartier necklace during the annual Met Gala (fun fact: Anna Wintour was on hand during its pivotal recreation). (Warner Bros.)

DVD/Blu-Ray/Video on Demand


In Travis Mathews’ (Interior. Leather Bar) dark, suspenseful new feature, a 20-something child abuse survivor and filmmaker, Alex (Jonny Mars), is obsessed with YouTuber Mandy (Atsuko Okatsuka) and anonymous hookups. When Alex reconnects with the now elderly man who victimized him, he’s forced to confront the past with a very different shift in power. (VOD, Uncork’d)

The Fabulous Allan Carr

In his latest documentary, director Jeffrey Schwarz (I Am Divine, Tab Hunter Confidential) revisits the ups and downs of Allan Carr, the flamboyantly gay, kaftan-wearing Hollywood producer, marketer, and showman who brought us massive hits like Grease, massive bombs (and camp classics) like Village People’s Can’t Stop the Music, and even the Oscars. (VOD, Automat Pictures)

Edward II

One of late queer filmmaker Derek Jarman’s masterpieces, an explicitly gay 1991 adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s 1592 play starring Tilda Swinton, gets a well deserved restoration and release. Bonus: Annie Lennox also appears and sings. (DVD, Film Movement Classics)



The Wachowski sisters’ sensates come together one last time to save their collective butts in this fan-pleasing epic series finale. (Netflix)

Alex Strangelove

Closeted high schooler Alex (Daniel Doheny) is under pressure to lose his virginity to girlfriend Claire (Madeline Weinstein). But when Alex meets a comfortably gay older student, Elliott (Antonio Marziale), will he finally get the gumption to come out? (Netflix)


The ladies of Florida’s money-laundering Nail Artisan salon are back, this time with owner Desna (Niecy Nash) possibly getting out from under the thumb of Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris), a bisexual mafia family head. (June 10, TNT)

The Bold Type

In the second season of this series about three female friends working for an NYC magazine, Kat (Aisha Dee) introduces her girlfriend, Adena El-Amin (Nikohl Boosheri), to her parents. (June 12, Freeform)

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