Watch! “Modern Family:” Glen, Gary, Glen and Ross

Modern Family returned last night for Season Five with a double episode, and the Four-time Emmy winner for Best Comedy took on the Supreme Court’s equality decision in Episode One, with Cam and Mitch competing to see who could offer the best proposal. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil struggle to get some alone time during summer vacation.

Favorite Moments:

  • “Eww, he threw up.” “He just needs some time to get used to the idea.” Actually, the baby puking at the mention of “gay marriage” was a running joke.
  • “I rented the wrong movie once. Did you see Glen, Garry, Glen and Ross?”


  • “Witchcraft!”
  • The mutual proposal scene with Cam and Mitch was undeniably touching. It would have been better with a kiss.

What were your favorite moments?

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Summer is over, and Manny and Luke are starting their first day of High School, Lily is starting first grade, Mitch runs afoul of his boss, and Cam is George Washington.

Favorite Moments:

“It’s my first day, too. I could use a hug.”

“Christopher Walken Closet”

“This isn’t one of those catheter commercials, is it, cause if it gets too descriptive, I’m gonna squirm.”

“Are you here to sell your beavers?”

“Native Americans … Indians. A majestic people who lived off the land and cried when they saw litter.”

“Can I wear shorts?” “Yeah, you get a whistle, too” “I always get a whistle when I wear shorts.”

Justin Kirk makes everything better.

What were you favorite moments? And what do you think about Modern Family’s return?

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