Watch “Modern Family:” Stick It!

Lily’s gymnastics meet brings out the stage dads in Mitch and Cam, while the Dunphys take a family RV road trip. Shudder.

Favorite Moments:

  • “I’m exploring some darker themes. Poems like The Umbilical Noose, A Jail Called Mom, Smother Nature. She’ll just find some way to make it all about her.”
    • “Pepper was here.” “But Pepper loves me.”
  • “I made pre-team and my daddies get to watch from outside!”
  • “Not as embarrassing as flunking a class that starts with Pre.”
  • “What kind of man writes poetry on a computer?” “You could have ended that sentence after poem.”
  • “I’ve never wanted to beat a kid so badly.” “Are you not hearing these?”

What were your favorite moments?

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