Watch “Modern Family”: Teddy

Mitch’s ex-boyfriend Teddy invites the whole family to a fundraising event at the local roller rink, much to the increasing ire of Cam. And Claire avoids talking to Jay about inheriting his business. Am I the only one who couldn’t remember what Jay’s business was?

Favorite Moments:

  • This was a great episode, and combined the funny and the sweet.
    • “Daddy Loves Pepper.”
  • Manny sadly scratching names off his Hero list.
  • “Gloria, trust me. As long as you’re standing next to me, you won’t look stupid.”
  • “I can’t always be the lovable sidekick on The Manny Show.”
  • Jay tells Cam about the history of Teddy and Mitch, and reassures him that Mitch made the right choice. Claire overhears, and it turns into one of the most affecting scenes of the season.
  • This.

What were your favorite moments?

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