Watch: One Woman Imitates 19 Different Divas On “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”


I spent 2012 exalting this video of one man imitating 75 different Best Supporting Actress winners, and finally we have a new clip of phenomenal lady mimicry for 2013. Get ready to gawk as Christina Bianco imitates 19 different divas singing Bonnie Tyler’s subdued astronomy anthem “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Before I go any further (because I have notes), please note that I’m obsessed with this video and can’t stop re-watching it.

OK. There was some staggering stuff in there. Give it up for Christina’s unbelievable impressions of Adele, Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Zooey Deschanel, and — in an all-too-short snippet — Judy Garland. Christina has a real gift for imitating ladies with a delicately garbled tone. I also loved the Streisand bit at the end; like her Celine impression, there was a whole character there. To me, she was basically wearing a leopard-print coat and purring “Hello, gorgeous” at everyone. Excellent.

I also dig her goofy takes on Liza MinnelliJulie Andrews, and Shakira. Shakira is the sexiest woman alive whose voice can be accurately described as a honk. My only hangups with this vid? I really, really think Christina could hone in on an amazing Alanis Morissette impression, but here we got a rushed and weird reading. The same goes for Britney and Christina, but I’m not as interested in their oft-imitated voices. I hope there’s a followup video soon, because it’s pitch-perfect perfectionists like Christina who can make us think about our favorite entertainers in a new and fun way. This is why we have YouTube! Yes!